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siwss watches traveltime precision cannot via calibration to achieve or maintain
Why do you say that? Because swiss watches travel time is constantly changing, in a state of wind, fixed position firmness, and temperature environment it can temporarily accurate, relative another situation could change. That is to say, even if you have a second watch calibration is not bad, it also won’t continue and precision is always in instantaneous and fluctuation in change. Besides, to watch the influence of accuracy and many other factors, we see the real go and watch the error is the average error of the unit time.

Watch in spring, full string state traveltime precision is best
Want to let oneself watch keeps good time, must treat clockwork as far as possible, this to the full automatic watch is more important. Because automatic watch seemed to tighten the degree and wearing time, wear sports have a direct relationship, the premise is must ensure that have a plenty of exercise.

?different location under the watch has different traveltime precision
This is the so-called watch position errors, better Breitling Watches out in three temperatures and five directions under test, the five positions is respectively: surface (up), face dials next, covering (3 point), the left (12), (9), only the right position (6) is not commonly used (unless you put the strap to palm side or right). According to statistics, most people within a day on location using time to watch about 35%, breitling bentley left for 30%, covering is 25%, the other position 10%, so watch in different locations, using different accuracy when, can correct watch how the trend.

First, make a observation tests, and then recorded
Test method is very simple, first to watch see the piture2).turn over clockwise, then use a standard time alignment tested minutes and seconds, let they synchronization, first placed in plane position real walk after 24 hours, using standard time ratio error and recorded. Repeat the above process in turn respectively, the watch face down, covering, left, and put in position for practical error test, and go down.

For example: static test result is: surface + 20 seconds/day, face under + 20 seconds/day, covering – 5 seconds/day, the left + 25 seconds/day, the + 10 seconds/day, then watch when actual wear error for + 15 seconds/day.

?night watch off to correct breitling superocean choice watch placed azimuth error
Take above example case, obviously, should handle array put down at night, can help reduce placed watch when the accumulative error. Only to watch produce error causes and characteristics have a watch yourself error know exactly, it can better service for you.

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